Jonathan Ressler Excited to Launch Delta House Raleigh

Delta House LogoI am Jonathan Ressler and I am sooooo excited to get Delta House up and running in Raleigh.   It has been a long and tedious battle, but we are inching ever closer to the opening day.  Right now looks like August 1, 2022 and we have some huge things planned.  I can assure you this is like nothing Raleigh has ever seen.  Just for the record, we are located at 3101 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh,NC 27607.  We are the first new liquor license on Hillsborough in 12 or 13 years due to a recently lifted moratorium on new licenses.


Our menu is classic late night college food with items like cheese steaks, wings, burgers, grilled cheese, salad and some sandwiches that will blow your mind.  We also have a late night menu with items like White Castle Hamburgers, Hot Pockets, Uncrustables, of course the obligatory Hot Dog, Pop Tarts, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and much more.


Our drinks and entertainment will be like nothing Raleigh has ever seen.  Think college bar meets restaurant, meets club, meets sports bar, meets frat house basement…and then you are there.  Make sure to stay tuned here and to follow us on Instagram for regular updates.   Click here to follow us o Instagram.    Follow Delta House On Instagram

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