Jonathan Ressler Thoughts On Gun Control

Let me start this letter by stating three very important facts.  First, I am am ardent supporter of the Second Amendment.  Second, I am appalled and disgusted by the mass shootings we have experienced in this country.  Third, I completely support any measures that can bring these tragedies to an end and this is the important fact.

You see, I do believe that there are many intelligent people working on this problem, however, they often slant the rhetoric and definitions to suit their argument.   I believe if you look at the facts you will find that there has not been a single assault rifle used in any of these attacks and none of the attacks were carried out with automatic weapons.  An AR-15 is neither an assault rifle nor an automatic weapon.   When the gun control crowd calls them assault rifles and automatic weapons, the other side has a knee jerk reaction and focuses on clarifying the definitions and loses sight of the real issue.  As a 2A supporter I understand that reaction and know that is serves neither side to mislabel the guns used to carry out some of these horrific attacks.   The AR-15 is classified as a sporting rifle and we can agree to disagree on that classification if you prefer, but that is the fact.  The actual weapons should not be the focus of this problem.  A car, a knife, a bomb, a chemical agent and many other things can cause mass death as we have seen over the years.

Another issue is when the gun control crowd talks about an all out ban on guns or a buy back program and how they have worked in other countries.  The truth we all know is with over 400 million guns in the US we will NEVER get rid of all the guns and most law abiding gun owners would be against any buy back or ban on guns. With that being the case this is essentially a fantasyland proposal that has ZERO chance of ever succeeding in the United States.  It is a waste of time and resources to even discuss it as it will never come to pass.

Gun control is not what we need in this country, we need people control.  There is so much hatred which is what drives these attacks, not guns.   There are groups that hate black people, white people, brown people, jews, muslims, catholics, protestants, evangelicals, the police, the government…you name it there is group that hates them.  In 2022, it is easier than ever to spread that hate with the use of social media giving a small few the reach and power of a large group.  If you do not do what we want we will organize riots and burn down your and our neighborhoods.   If the police do not succumb to our demands we will try to defund them (until we realize we need them) and execute officers as they sit in their cars.   If we do not like the election results we will storm the capitol and try to overthrow the government.  Read that again if you do not think that is the most insane thing you have every read.  We have become a land of entitled infants who think our way is the only way.   In kindergarten we teach kids that they may not be able to use that specific crayon right now until the other person is finished.   We have to share and work together.  As adults we are a bunch of hypocrites who do nothing of the sort.  Therein lies the problem.

I value the right to protect myself and family as much as the next guy and know the police do a very difficult job and can’t be everywhere at once.   It is easy to say we do not need guns to protect ourselves if we are super wealthy because they pay to have armed security around them 24 hours a day.  Our congressmen and senators have armed security.  Our titans of business have armed security.  Our celebrities have armed security.  Our banks have armed security.  Our museums and national treasures have armed security.  But in this land of the free, if you do not fall into one of those protected classes you are on your own.  If I could afford to have 24 hour armed security with me I might feel differently, but I can’t afford anything like that.  Nor can 99.9% of the 300 million other American citizens. We are left to protect ourselves.  I am not going to get into the whole a goodguy with a gun argument, because where you sit depends on where you stand.  I can show you “facts” to support either side of the argument.  One side or the other will hate the facts.

The bottom lie is HATE is what we need to control.  We need to squash the hate and try to replace it with love and respect for one another.  Both sides need to work together honestly and all get on the same page with terminology and realistic solutions.  We need to stop vilifying the wrong people and groups with no factual basis to do so.  I am not claiming to have the answers but I can assure you that more gun laws will do absolutely nothing but leading us to more press conferences and tweets where we share “our thoughts and prayers,” but do not move us one inch closer to a solution. I believe if both sides and everyone else would stop using incorrect terms, stop slanting the facts to fit their side of the argument, stop vilifying the wrong groups and truly commit to working together towards reducing hate, we can make some progress on this scourge on America.  This is not a political issue, it is a human issue.  I hope anyone reading this can go into a dark room where they cam be honest and admit that regardless of where you may stand on the gun issue, there in nobody who thinks these mass shootings are acceptable.  In the end we are all fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers and we all have to love one another to bring this to an end.  I think Martin Luther King said it the best when he said “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

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