November 14, 2017

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  • There was a time when the 30 second TV spot could really move the dial for consumers. In marketing-speak that means "make people buy things." But any ad man will tell you that the cost to make a TV spot is going up while the number of people watching any given one is going way down. In the media-saturated 21st Century print, radio, even TV may be losing their power to sell, so what's a marketer to do? Well, forget the media. OTM's Jad Abumrad takes a look at viral marketing where the message is spread mouth to mouth.

  • We're fringe right now. We're not part of the big agency world," says Jonathan. "What we do is not illegal; all we do is present information to people from a different channel. We do real-life product placement.

  • This is the new world of buzz marketing, where brand come-ons sometimes are veiled to the point of opacity and where it is the consumers themselves who are lured into doing the heavy lifting of spreading the message. Sure, generating great buzz for their products has been the holy grail in marketing circles since P.T. Barnum learned to work a crowd. But the art of generating word-of-mouth has grown far more sophisticated since the early days of simple publicity stunts.

  • The New York Times

    Jonathan Ressler, the company's chief executive and president, says billings have increased fivefold since last year, its first year in business. The company has grown so much that it had to move to larger offices last month. And the tactics it employs are becoming ever more widely accepted.